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Children's Centres

Here to help give your child the best start in life

Bradford has Children's Centres across the district - they offer access to services and information for families with children under five years old and parents-to-be in their local community. Children and childcare assistant telling stories

Children’s Centres can help you to access:

  • Childcare
  • Family Support
  • Early Education
  • Health
  • Job and Training Support

Other Activities

Each centre also offers a variety of other services and activities to cater for the needs of the community, which may include the following:

  • antenatal classes and baby clinics
  • information and advice about breastfeeding, parenting and speech and language
  • family support and outreach to parents
  • drop in sessions for parents and children
  • play and learn groups
  • Dad’s groups
  • cook and eat sessions
  • visits and outings
  • services for children with special needs and disabilities
  • links with voluntary agencies
  • links with local schools.

They are also great ways to meet other parents and children.

List of Children's Centres in Bradford district:

Abbey Green Nursery School and Children’s Centre
Green Lane, Manningham, BRADFORD, BD8 8HT Tel: 01274 722070

Allerton Children’s Centre
Avenel Road, Allerton, BRADFORD, BD15 7PQ Tel: 01274 493089

Baildon Children’s Centre
West Lane, Baildon, SHIPLEY, BD17 5DH Tel: 01274 431691

Barkerend Children’s Centre - Sure Start (Children's Centre Plus)
365 Barkerend Road, BRADFORD, BD3 8QX Tel: 01274 437300

Bierley Children’s Centre
Newhall Road, Bierley, BRADFORD, BD4 6AF Tel: 01274 653917

Bingley Rural Children’s Centre
Littlelands, Cottlingley, BINGLEY, BD16 4AL Tel: 01274 435850

Burnett Fields Children and Family Centre
42 Greaves Street, BRADFORD, BD5 7PE Tel: 01274 436500

Canterbury Nursery School and Centre for Children and Families (Children's Centre Plus)
Basil Street, Canterbury, BRADFORD, BD5 9HL Tel: 01274 574539

Community Works
Undercliffe Lane, BRADFORD, BD3 0DW Tel: 01274 200589

Crossley Hall Primary School and Children’s Centre
Thornton Road, Fairweather Green, BRADFORD, BD8 0HJ Tel: 01274 495753

Daisy Chain Children’s Centre
Elliott Street, Silsden, KEIGHLEY, BD20 0DE Tel: 01535 618668

Fagley Primary School and Children’s Centre
Falsgrave Avenue, Fagley, BRADFORD, BD2 3PU Tel: 01274 770434

Farcliffe and Lilycroft Children and Family Centre
56 Toller Lane, BRADFORD, BD8 8QH Tel: 01274 436700

Farnham Road Children’s Centre
Farnham Road, BRADFORD, BD7 3JE Tel: 01274 524050

Frizinghall and Heaton Village Children’s Centres
St Margaret’s Church, Shipley Fields Road, BRADFORD, BD18 2DL Tel: 07582101644

Gateway Children’s Centre
43 Thackeray Road, Ravenscliffe, BRADFORD, BD10 0JR Tel: 01274 634800

Heaton Children’s Services
Heaton Primary School, Haworth Road, BRADFORD, BD9 6LL Tel: 01274 363070

Highfield Children’s Centre
Drewry Road, KEIGHLEY, BD21 2QG Tel: 01535 618485

Hirst Wood Nursery School and Children’s Centre (Children's Centre Plus)
Clarence Road, SHIPLEY, BD18 4NJ Tel: 01274 584368

Holme Wood Children’s Centre
Haslemere Close, Holme Wood, BRADFORD, BD4 9EB Tel: 01274 684455

Lidget Green Children’s Centre
Birks Fold, Lidget Green, BRADFORD, BD7 2QN Tel: 01274 437289

Little Lane Children’s Centre
Little Lane, ILKLEY, LS29 8HZ Tel: 01943 436264

Low Fold Children and Family Centre
Exley Road, KEIGHLEY, BD21 1LT Tel: 01535 618300

Menston & Burley Children’s Centre
Main Street, Menston, ILKLEY, LS29 6LG Tel: 01943 436260

Midland Road Nursery School and Children’s Centre
Bateman Street, Manningham, BRADFORD, BD8 7DJ Tel: 01274 546492

Mortimer House Children’s Centre
20 Mortimer Avenue, Bradford Moor, BRADFORD, BD3 7EY Tel: 01274 262740

Owlet Children and Family Centre
Barncroft, Owlet Road, Windhill, SHIPLEY, BD18 2JG Tel: 01274 436600

Parkland Primary School and Children’s Centre
Old Park Road, Thorpe Edge, BRADFORD, BD10 9BG Tel: 01274 617405

Princeville Primary School and Children's Centre
Willowfield Street, BRADFORD, BD7 2AH Tel: 01274 437594

Rainbow Children’s Centre
Braithwaite Grove, KEIGHLEY, BD22 6JB Tel: 01535 618005

Reevy Hill Children’s Centre
Bedale Drive, BRADFORD, BD6 3ST Tel: 01274 434940

St Edmund’s Nursery School and Children’s Centre (Children's Centre Plus)
Washington Street, Girlington, BRADFORD, BD8 9QW Tel: 01274 543282

Strong Close Nursery School and Children’s Centre (Children's Centre Plus)
Airedale Road, KEIGHLEY, BD21 4LW Tel: 01535 605272

Thornton Primary School and Children’s Centre
Thornton Road, Thornton, BRADFORD, BD13 3NN Tel: 01274 830960

Tree Tops Children’s Centre
Rawdon Road, Haworth, KEIGHLEY, BD22 8DW Tel: 01535 618083

Trinity 5-Rise Children’s Centre
John Escritt Road, BINGLEY, BD16 2ST Tel: 01274 435850

Tyersal Children’s Centre
51 Kyffin Place, BRADFORD, BD4 8DX Tel: 01274 668881

Victoria Hall Children’s Centre
Station Road, Queensbury, BRADFORD, BD13 1AB Tel: 01274 432690

Woodroyd Nursery and Children’s Centre (Children's Centre Plus)
Woodroyd Road, West Bowling, BRADFORD, BD5 8EL Tel: 01274 777035

Woodside Children’s Centre

Fenwick Drive BRADFORD, BD6 2PG Tel: 01274 433555

Wyke Community and Children’s Centre
Huddersfield Road, Wyke, BRADFORD, BD12 8AA Tel: 01274 606881


Helpline: 01274 437503
(8.30am - 5pm Monday to Thursday, 8.30am - 4.30pm Friday)

Urdu/Punjabi Helpline: 01274 431252
(8.30am - 5pm Monday to Wednesday)

Polish/Slovak/Czech Helpline: 01274 434905
(9am - 3pm Wednesday to Friday)



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